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On March 17th, 2020, in an effort to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, Touch of Smiles Dental Care made an extremely tough decision to close the office. On March 23rd, 2020, Governor Larry Hogan issued an executive order closing all non-essential businesses. Fortunately, dental offices were named an essential business, however, we were directed to cancel all elective and non-emergency procedures until further notice. We very much appreciate the understanding and cooperation from those of you who had appointments which were cancelled. We have been working on an on-call basis to provide emergency services to patients in need.

We are happy to announce that, following Governor Larry Hogan's announcement on May 6th, 2020, we are able to resume all elective and non-emergency procedures.

Over the last 8 weeks, we have attended countless meetings, seminars, and CE courses regarding dentistry and COVID-19. We have implemented various new procedures and additional safety protocols in accordance with new guidelines set forth by the CDC, OSHA, ADA, and MSDA.

Most notably, you will see our staff wearing additional personal protective equipment.  Please know that, although you cannot see it, we are SMILING under all of this! We are so happy to see you! 😁  Additional steps we have taken include air purifiers in each room, as well as sanitizing/disinfecting each hour in addition to our normal sanitization/disinfecting after each patient.

🛑If you have an appointment, please note the following check-in procedures:

🦷Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. 

🦷You must CALL the office upon arrival to let us know you are here. 

🦷You may wait in your vehicle or inside of the waiting area.  Our waiting area is set up to accommodate social distancing.

🦷Should you chose to wait in your vehicle, please LISTEN for our phone call. We will CALL you when we are ready to see you. 

🦷You MUST wear a face covering to enter the office and it must remain on until otherwise directed. 

🦷Please be prepared to answer a short health screening, complete any necessary paperwork, and make your co-payment prior to being seated.

If you, or anyone in your household, have had a fever, experienced any flu-like symptoms, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, your appointment will be rescheduled, unless it is an emergency.  If you, or anyone in your household, are currently awaiting test results for COVID-19, your appointment will be rescheduled, unless it is an emergency.

The American Dental Association defines an emergency as a potentially life threatening situation that requires immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding, alleviate severe pain or infection.  This includes uncontrolled bleeding, cellulitis or a diffuse soft tissue bacterial infection with itra-oral or extra-oral swelling that potentially compromise the patient's airway, and trauma involving facial bones potentially compromising the patient's airway.

⚠️NO GUESTS will be permitted to enter the office. Please have them wait in your vehicle or outside of the door. Be mindful of social distancing guidelines as others may be outside waiting. For patients under the age of 18, one parent may enter. Parent must follow social distancing guidelines within the office and may not enter the treatment room.

If you do not have an appointment with us, we encourage you to call or e-mail the office. Please do not arrive to the office unannounced.  Payments can be made over the phone.

We are working diligently to reschedule all of our patients whose appointments were cancelled. Again, we greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work together to safeguard the health of our patients, our staff, and the entire community during this time.


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